Freedom or choice?

We live in an age filled with choices. Most of us are connected 24/7 and with this connection comes an overwhelming number of decisions – especially regarding competing priorities.

What to do when? What’s next? Which task should I focus on? What’s the more important issue?

The problem we face is that we mostly cannot “do both” and attempting to do so simply does not work. We may feel frantically busy but we are not at our best productively. We end up feeling overworked but under-utilised.

Don’t underestimate the impact of others on your plans either – Unexpected email requests, phone calls right when you are focused on another task, colleagues and clients that do not meet agreed deadlines that then set you back on your component of a project or deliverable. All of these can conspire to make you get less done. So what is the solution?


While all organisations have unexpected pop up requiring all hands on deck and a team approach to complete, the ‘unexpected’ can often be avoided through better planning.

Sometimes chaos really is unavoidable – but for most businesses it almost ensures mistakes are made. 


Small changes can have big impacts on our time, efficiency and overall job satisfaction.  A time-saving of 10 minutes on a daily activity by reorganising a task or activity, is 50 minutes in a week.  In turn this accrues to 215 minutes (over 3. 5 hours) a month, approximately 43 hours a year – a whole working week of reclaimed time.  Of course this is oversimplifying how we get work done.

Finding 10 minutes in a day is not necessarily effective – unless we forecast and plan for what activities we would like to be doing if we make that time.  If you do this then reclaiming that 10 minutes a day could be the difference between getting to that other task you wanted to start or leaving it on the “to do” list.


Why not try turning off your email alerts for the month of February and seeing whether the small interruptions of having a pop up distraction keeps you focused for that extra 10-minutes a day?  What’s the worst that could happen…?

It’s not a matter of it not getting done…. It will get done if it’s essential to be done.  But it might be done differently….