Friday morning you should have Monday on your mind

How many employees arrive at the office on Monday morning with a clear view of what they need to achieve during the week? Not many. And that is a real problem for most organisations where poor planning and a lack of coaching are wasting productive time.

Some people like to plan their work on paper, others use Outlook or Gmail and others again adopt work effectiveness cloud solution like Schedullo, but however you like to do it the key to good planning is consistency.

The best time to work on a weekly plan is Friday morning. Don’t do it later in the day because by Friday afternoon, you’re likely to be focussed on getting the week’s deadlines met (or planning week-end activities) and if you do it any earlier, you may not have the information you need to plan the week ahead. Be consistent and take an hour for planning on Friday morning.


The first stage is to review all your meetings and to ensure that the time is blocked on your agenda. Then, you need to identify which meeting will require preparation and how much. Always prepare the day before (except for very large workshops that may require more planning) and allow a few minutes prior to the meeting for review.

Once you’ve allocated time for meetings, you will be able to see the time available for your other work. Start filling the gaps in your day with high priority tasks that must be delivered during that week making estimates of the amount of time required to complete them. Prioritise tasks based on their due date.

If you have lower priority tasks that you cannot fit in, you have two options: not doing them (best option) or resetting expectation with people and indicate probable completion dates.

If you still have some gaps in your plan, you should look at your back log of ideas or tasks and see whether you could fit some in. Too many of us maintain a back log of ideas but never refer to it to action them!

Schedullo can really help you to improve your work effectiveness. It allows you to keep track of important work, your back log of ideas, projects while giving you an overview of your capacity and actual time spent on tasks.