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Introducing Schedullo

The smart app helping teams deliver competing priorities and projects based on commitments and capacity.

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Manage your tasks

Capture all your work tasks in one place. Prioritise, organise and manage your work tasks to stay on top of it all.

  • Create one-off and recurring tasks for yourself, your team or your whole business.
  • Working Day options for recurring tasks at month-end and other set working days.
  • Set (or even lock) due dates and never miss a deadline.
  • Link tasks together to manage dependencies.
  • Identify tasks that are waiting on your colleagues.
  • Mark personal tasks as private.
  • Keep track of the type of work you’re doing.

Calendar, Kanban or both?

It’s up to you. Whatever helps you structure your work to be more productive.

  • Calendar view to prioritise work daily, weekly or monthly and know your capacity at a glance.
  • Kanban view to prioritise work which is “ready” for you and keep track of future ideas in your Backlog.
  • Know the status of tasks – your own and your team members.
  • Categorise your work using swimlanes, colours, categories or projects.
  • Reschedule tasks up, down or across your list as priorities evolve.
  • Filter Calendar and Kanban views quickly and easily.

The smart app
helping teams deliver

Manage your team for high performance

Help your team hit their milestones, maintain steady capacity and focus on the right priorities.

  • Allocate tasks and due dates to individuals or groups, including customers.
  • Re-allocate tasks if plans change.
  • Stay across critical deadlines and high priority tasks on your Watchlist.
  • See which team members have availability and capacity.
  • Keep track of the big picture with Dashboards and Reports.
Allocate Task
Track your time

Track your time

Use the simple Timer to log time spent on tasks and bill customers for your time.

  • Nominate time estimates to keep you focused.
  • One-click Timer to track actual time on tasks.
  • Track interruptions.
  • Add quick notes in Timer to capture what you’ve achieved.
  • Perfect for anyone who bills time or wants to be mindful of where their time goes.

It's your time. Make it count.

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Know your capacity at a glance

Make good resourcing decisions about what can be achieved, when and by whom.

  • See how much time has been committed and what capacity remains.
  • Report and analyse your team’s capacity forecast and actuals.
  • Identify available team members with pre-requisite skills for a task.
  • Integrates with Outlook Calendar to account for time already committed to meetings.
Plan and Deliver

Plan and deliver projects

Work together to get the job done.

  • Link tasks to projects and vice versa.
  • Allocate project tasks and due dates to team members.
  • Add customers and other external users to your team.
  • Track project time, costs and profitability.
  • Monitor progress of project.
  • Share project files.

Timesheets. Tick, done.

With Schedullo’s Timesheet, you can track and bill your time in the one application.

  • Instantly create timesheets for your work hours.
  • Review and adjust billable time by customer.
  • Timesheet workflow approvals.
  • Create invoices in Xero from your Timesheet.
Time Sheets

Don’t let your work get the better of you.

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