Time Bonuses aren’t just in video games

An hour has popped up in your diary. You had an internal meeting scheduled with your boss, so you have prepared everything you needed for that meeting and you are well and truly across all the deals just in case someone asks you a specific status or budget question. Then, 15 minutes before you were heading out of your office the boss’s PA called to say something has cropped up and the meeting has been rescheduled.

What should you now do with the bonus hour (and fifteen minutes) that you now have in your diary?

You open Outlook and look for your next scheduled meeting… Team workflow.  Nothing to prepare for that!  Tomorrow?  Nothing you can finalise until you receive certain emails or information from others…  You could start working on those reports for next week but the numbers may not be ready yet.  Normally you don’t see them until a few days before the report is due unless the sales team have their results entered ahead of schedule. Reaching out to the sales team leader to chase the numbers down will take too much time. So – what is the most productive way to spend this hour you’ve just been gifted?

This is the moment to open up your Kanban board in Schedullo.

Immediately you can scroll through your tasks which are clearly categorised as:

  • Not Ready
  • Ready
  • In Progress
  • Completed

A quick scan across the “Ready” column reveals that the sales team have completed their reports – the task is now flagged as ready in your Kanban board – so you can now start on your component of the report. What’s better is you still have 45 minutes left of your “time bonus” hour.

28 minutes later – you are attaching your report to an email, just about to press send and pretty happy with your efficiency this hour.  You could grab that well-deserved coffee or you could take another peek at that “Ready” column in your Kanban board.  Who knows what other tasks are ready and waiting for 15 minutes of your time.

Have you ever felt like this?  Ever wished for an extra hour in the day but when you find one you don’t quite know what to do with it first?  The Kanban workflow module in Schedullo could be just the tool for you.